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What is trichomonas?

  • A trichomonas infection can cause an infection of the vagina, the urethra or bladder.  
  • Trichomonas is not serious and can be treated well.

What causes trichomonas?

  • Trichomonas is caused by micro organisms. These are transmitted by sexual contact. 
  • One to four weeks after the infection the first symptoms can occur. 
  • Sometimes the complaints only occur after years.  
  • Therefore it is difficult to determine when someone got infected.

What are the complaints?

  • Men rarely have complaints caused by a trichomonas infection.  
  • Sometimes there is some discharge in the morning.  
  • The exit of the urethra can be irritated and urinating may cause a burning feeling.

How can the infection be diagnosed?

  • For men trichomonas is diagnosed by taking a smear from the urethra.


  • A trichomonas infection is not serious and is not harmful.  
  • In case of unpleasant complaints such as itching, pain or smelly discharge, an anti-parasite treatment helps.  The doctor will prescribe a single dose of antibiotics .  
  • You may not use alcohol on the day of the treatment!

 Warning partners

  • Because trichomonas is transmitted by sexual contact, you must inform your sex partners.  
  • They can have an examination and, if necessary, a treatment, even if they have no complaints.  
  • This is important to prevent you or others from getting infected again.

Work advice

  • It is best not to have sex on the day of the treatment. 
  • We advise you not to have sexual contact until 7 days after your treatment.  
  • If sexual contact cannot be avoided, you must certainly use a condom.