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Using a condom properly

Using condoms properly

  • Avoid any contact between penis, vagina, mouth or anus before putting on the condom.
  1. Make sure not to have oil on your hands when touching a condom (for example massage-oil). A little quantity of oil on your finger can already damage the condom
  2. Check the date on the pack and carefully check the pack for any damage.Don’t use condoms that are past their expiry date or from a pack that is damaged. Throw them away and use new ones.
  3. Carefully tear open the pack. Make sure you don’t damage the condom with sharp fingernails when you take it out or put it on.
  4. Hold the closes end of the condom tight between your thumb and forefinger.  Don’t let any air get trapped in its tip. There should be enough space in the tip (1 – 2 cm) for the semen.
  5. Only put on the condom if the penis is completely erect.
  6. Do not pull the condom over the penis, but unroll it as far as possible.
  7. Put some lubricant on the condom.
  8. Make sure the client withdraws immediately after ejaculation (coming).  Hold the edge of the condom as he does so that the condom stays on. The penis may soften quickly after ejaculation and the condom could easily slip off.
  9. Slide the condom off carefully, tie a knot in it and throw it in the bin.

Use a new condom for each sexual contact, even if it is the same person.