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Female sex workers

Safe sex advice

  • Always carefully look at your client’s genitals to see if there are any sores or warts.  You can do this for instance by washing your client first.  Don’t take any risks if you see something and kindly show him the door.
  • Always use a condom of good quality and put it on correctly. 
  • Use the correct kind and quantity of lubricant. 
  • Immediately remove the sperm and precum (pre-seminal fluid) that comes into contact with your skin during sex.  This helps you to prevent that the sperm or precum accidentally ends up in your vagina, anus, mouth or a wound.
  • Cover all wounds you or your client may have with a plaster (Band-Aid).
  • If you have given a massage with a greasy product (massage oil), make sure that you wash yourself and your client carefully with water and soap before having sex.