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Sexuales techniques

 Vaginal sex (vaginal intercourse, fucking)

  • Not only from vaginal intercourse but also from rubbing each other’s genitals or “dry fucking” you can catch an STI.  
  • Always use a condom of good quality and water-based lubricant.

Anal sex (anal intercourse, anal fucking)

  • Anal sex may involve lots of rubbing.  This can easily cause a condom to burst.  
  • Always use a condom of good quality and extra water-based lubricant.

Blow job (sucking cock, giving head)

  • If you give a blow job without condom you can catch an STI.  
  • Semen and precum (pre-seminal fluid) can be infected by harmful viruses and bacteria (e.g. syphilis, Chlamydia, gonorrhoea, HIV, hepatitis B).  
  • You can also catch an STI in your throat.  
  • Always use a condom of good quality.

Cunnilingus (licking)

  • When a client licks you, there is almost no risk of getting an STI.  
  • Make sure that your client has no blisters or wounds on his lips.  
  • In the vaginal fluid there are harmful viruses and bacteria such as Chlamydia, gonorrhoea and hepatitis B.  
  • So if you lick someone, you may get infected.  The risk is small but it is always there!  
  • Also when a woman has her period, there is more chance of passing on an STI through the menstrual blood.
  • Use a dental dam or a condom cut open along the length. You can also use cling film (Saran wrap).  Make sure you don’t use cling film with holes.

Hand job (jacking/jerking off)

  • This can be done safely without condom. 
  • Cover any cuts on your hands with a plaster (Band-Aid).  
  • Wash your hands if you get sperm on them.

Finger fucking

  • If your client’s fingers are clean, you don’t have to use a condom.  
  • Always make sure that your client washes his hands first.  
  • Cover any cuts your client may have with a plaster (Band-Aid).  
  • Use water-based lubricant if you have a dry vagina.  
  • If you still want your client to use a condom, you can work with a finger condom that you can buy at the chemist’s or medical care shop.

Anal finger-fucking

  • Use a finger condom or wear a thin latex glove.  
  • Always use lubricant! 
  • Use a new condom if you change from anal sex to vaginal sex or vice versa.  
  • This way you avoid the possible transfer of an STI and prevent any bacteria getting from the anus into your vagina.  
  • Always use extra lubricant.

Rimming (licking the anus)

  • Rimming can’t cause HIV but you can catch hepatitis A and B. 
  • Always use a condom cut open or a dental dam.  
  • Hold this dam before the anus.  Also use a dental dam when licking balls.  
  • You can also use cling film (Saran wrap).  Make sure not to use cling film with holes!

 Kissing (deep kissing, French kissing)

  • Don’t kiss if you, or your client, have blisters, sores or scabs on or around the mouth!  
  • You or your client may have a sore lip.  
  • This sore lip is caused by the herpes virus.  This virus is easily transmitted by kissing.

Body-to-body massage

  • You can do this without condom, but make sure that no semen gets into your mouth, vagina or eyes.  
  • In case of “body riding” or “ejaculation between the breasts”, it is wise to use a condom. 
  • Remove all massage oil before the massage turns into sex
  • Massage oil contains grease.  Oil and grease damage a latex condom or glove so that they can easily burst.

Threesomes or group sex

  • Every time you change partners, use a new condom.  
  • Also repeat this if you change positions: from oral sex to vaginal or anal sex and vice versa. 
  • Also use extra water-based lubricant if you change partners.

Different techniques in succession:

  • If you change techniques, for instance, from anal sex to vaginal sex, always use a new condom and more lubricant.  
  • This will stop any bacteria getting from the anus into the vagina.