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Blowjob without condom!

Blowjob without condom is it dangerous?

YES! Every form of unprotected sexual contact can pose a risk of Sexual Transmittable Infections (STIs).

  •  What exactly is risky?
  1. In case of ejaculation in the mouth:

The sperm of a man who is infected with an STI, contains a large quantity of germs. When an infected man ejaculates in your mouth, you can easily become infected yourself with for example hepatitis B, gonnorhoea, chlamydia and hiv. If you swallow the sperm, this risk becomes even bigger, as the mucous membrane of the throat is very thin and germs can easily penetrate it.

     2. In case of a blowjob without ejaculation in the mouth:

The pre-sperm contains less germs than sperm, and consequently there is less risk of contagion. Nevertheless there is still a risk of infection with an STI, for example when you have wounds, an inflammation of the throat or the gums, aphta or vesicles in the mouth. These are all entries by which germs can easily penetrate the body.

Some germs are more contagious than others. The possibility of a chlamydia infection in the throat is relatively high, even without ejaculation in the mouth, only because this is a very strong germ. The Aids-virus is relatively weak; when there is no ejaculation in the mouth, the risk of HIV contagion becomes very small on condition that you have a healthy mouth.

BUT PAY ATTENTION! It is possible to have an inflammation in the mouth without seeing or feeling it. So you can never calculate your own risk.

If you don’t want to catch an infection, the safest way of doing a blowjob is always with a condom!

If you still want or have to give a blow job without a condom, pay special attention to the following things:

  • Mind your position: if you are on top, you have more control of how deep the penis can go and how long the blowjob will take. The deeper the penis penetrates the mouth, the bigger the risk. Use your hands as a bumper.
  • Before action, look carefully at the client and especially at his penis. It is best to refuse a client who has bubbles, and warts on and round the penis. These can be symptoms of a Sexual Transmittable Infection. Even a condom is not 100% effective in protecting you as the skin of the groin the thighs and the testicles can be infected.
  • Taking care of mouth hygiene, is very important in order to prevent inflammations and wounds. But don’t brush your teeth just before or immediately after the blow job because this can cause very tiny wounds and inflammations which makes it easier for germs to penetrate.
  • If you do get sperm in the mouth, spit it out as soon as possible. You can rinse your mouth carefully without gargling and without spreading the sperm. Use no disinfectant products as they cause wounds. Wait at least one hour before eating and drinking.


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