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Extreme sexual techniques

What is considered as extreme by one may not be extreme for the other. But with extreme sex, frontiers are pushed back and there may be some experiments.  It is important that it remains safe for you and your client!  

Some actions require knowledge and skill.  Without the necessary knowledge and skill, there are extreme safety risks attached to the performance of these actions!

Catheterization (insertion of a tube into the bladder)

  • This action is strictly reserved to competent medical staff.  
  • If you still want to use catheterization in your sex play, you have to realize that it is a very risky action.  
  • Micro organism may penetrate and also cause internal injuries. 
  • Never insert a catheter into your client during the sex play.

Needles and injections

  • Be careful with the use of needles.  This action is also reserved to competent medical staff.  
  • If you still want to use needles, throw them away in a special needle container and never in the waste bin.  
  • Never inject a liquid into your client during the sex play.


  • Never perform a (temporary) piercing during the sex play. 
  • It is almost impossible to do this correctly and in a sterile manner.  
  • The wound may become infected and inflamed.


  • If shaving is part of the sex play, make sure that you don’t cause any cuts while shaving your client.
  • Should you cause a cut, clean it thoroughly, e.g. with Iso-Betadine or 70% alcohol and cover the wound with a plaster (Band-Aid).  
  • Avoid contact with blood and wound fluid.
  • Change disposable shaving blades after every client.  This is to avoid an infection with hepatitis B and hiv.
  • Throw used blades away in a needle container immediately after use.  
  • Don’t throw them in the rubbish bag.  
  • If you still want to put them in the rubbish bag, wrap them carefully, for instance, in a newspaper.  Make sure that no one can get wounded.
  • If you use a trimmer with interchangeable blades, clean the interchangeable blades with 70% alcohol.

Bondage (tying someone or being tied)

  • Mutual trust is important for bondage.  
  • Never let a client tie you down if you don’t know or don’t trust him.  
  • Always make good arrangements with the client.  (e.g. about how tight the ropes may be and about safe sex). 
  • It is best to use rope made with natural material, not nylon rope.

Fist fucking

  • Fist fucking in the anus holds the risk of a hepatitis A infection through the contact with stools.  
  • Always use a latex glove.  
  • Also apply enough (water-based) lubricant on the glove, anus or vagina.
  • Remember that fist fucking may cause internal wounds.  
  • The mucous membrane (lining) of the anus or vagina is very thin and can easily be wounded.  There is a serious risk of an infection with an STI (also with hiv!).
  • Often greasy lubricants are used during fist fucking.  A greasy lubricant may damage the condom; it may also damage latex gloves.  
  • Be careful if you want to have intercourse after fist fucking.  This sexual contact is very risky because there is still greasy lubricant in the anus or vagina.  It is best to wait one day before having vaginal or anal sex.

Golden shower

  • If urine comes into contact with the mucous membrane of the nose, eyes, vagina, anus or mouth, you may get an STI (e.g. hepatitis B).  
  • Urine on your skin is not a problem.  
  • Wash your skin afterwards with water and soap.

Scat – swallowing stools

  • Stools are always infected by bacteria, sometimes with viruses and parasites.  
  • Swallowing stools may cause an infection with hepatitis A. 
  • Avoid swallowing stools and wash hands and genitals and anus carefully before and after having sex.
  • Be careful: also licking the anus or rimming may cause a hepatitis A infection.

Swallowing semen and vaginal fluids

  • Semen as well as vaginal fluids may be infected with harmful viruses and bacteria.  
  • Avoid swallowing semen and vaginal fluids.

Use of dildo or vibrator

  • When you use a dildo or vibrator with a client, make sure that you always put a condom on it.  
  • Make sure that no blood, semen, precum or saliva of the client enters your body.  
  • Be careful when you want to insert a dildo after inserting it into the client, use another condom.
  • Carefully clean sex toys after each client

The use of a speculum

  • It is best to use disposable specula. 
  • When you use specula in plastic or metal, carefully clean and disinfect them.

Clysma (cleansing the bowels)

  • Prior to anal sex, you can cleanse the anus and bowels.  
  • A clysma after unsafe sex is strongly advised against.  Instead of flushing semen or blood out, there is a serious risk of pushing the semen and blood deeper into the bowels.

Sadomasochistic sex (S.M.)

  • Make sure that blood, wound fluid and body fluid are not exchanged in case of wounds.
  • Only use tools which you can clean well.  Check this when you buy sex toys.
  • If you work with tools, you have to clean them carefully after each client.