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Female sex workers

Cleaning toys

 You can use sex toys with cliënts: 

  • Rinse your tools carefully and then wash them with water and soap.
  • Disinfect them. Disinfection is necessary in case of the internal use of tools and in case of blood traces, stools, urine, sperm, vaginal fluid.
  • Disinfect leather and metal objects with 70% Alcohol. (It also helps to keep leather supple.)
  • Put rubber objects, dildos and vibrators five minutes in a disinfecting solution such as Dettol in water.  
Part of the vibrator is usually not water-resistant.  If so, don’t put it completely into the water.
  • Ask the cliënt to bring his own toys.
  • Tie a sex toy in a condom, after use the condom should be dicarded. Wash your hands. Desinfection is not necessary. 

(source LCHV)