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Personal hygiene

Vaginal flora

Discrete vaginal odours are completely normal and change during a menstrual cycle, during pregnancy, during hormonal changes and during sexual arousal.

This natural acidity is a protection against the growth of harmful bacteria.  It is important to disturb the natural condition of the vagina as little as possible.  Harmful bacteria are usually responsible for unpleasant odours.

If you wash your vagina too often with soap, you will disturb the natural vaginal balance.  The use of certain medicines (such as antibiotics) can also disturb this balance.

Vaginal douches

An intensive intimate hygiene and/or a disturbed vaginal flora is often the (unnoticed) cause of bacterial vaginosis. 

  • This innocent disease (be careful: in case of pregnancy it should always be treated) causes a grey-white discharge and a bad smelling vagina.
  • Without treatment it may take a few weeks to a few months before the bacterial vaginosis disappears.
  • The mucous membrane (lining) of the vagina needs 24 hours to recover. 
  • From now on only rinse your vagina on the outside with lukewarm water and avoid soap, lotions or sprays.

 Anal douches

An anal douche is often taken before of after passive anal sexual contact. 
Be careful, because this is not without danger!

  • Don’t do this every day.  It may seriously disturb your intestinal flora.
  • Don’t use soap or chemicals.  This also disturbs the intestinal flora and it can damage the lining of the bowels and cause wounds.  These wounds can provide an entrance for infections.
  • Rinse the anus only with lukewarm water (body temperature) and use a special bottle that you can buy at the chemist’s.
  • Never attach the tube to the tap, the pressure would be too high!
  • If you work in a club, never use an anal douche knob that can also be used by others.