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What are good condoms?

  • There are many kinds of condoms on the market.  
  • Not all condoms are of good quality.  
  • When buying and using a condom, pay attention to the following: 

CE-code :      

All approved condoms have a CE-code on the packet. 

  • This CE-code is composed of the letters CE and a number. 
  • This code guarantees that the condom and the packet comply with the European standard.  
  • Condoms from countries outside the EU don’t have this verification mark. 

The expiry date on the packet:

  • After this date the effectiveness of the condom is no longer guaranteed and it is best not to use it anymore.

The packet:

  • If the packet is damaged, the condom is no longer reliable and you may not use it anymore.
  • A good condom is a condom with which you like to work. 
  • As long as it complies with the quality standards, you can decide which condom you prefer.

Never put 2 condoms  on a penis and never use a male condom together with a female condom.  This increases the risk of having a broken condom!

Which kind of condoms are there?

Condoms are available in different materials, shapes and sizes.

  • Material: latex (rubber) or polyurethane (synthetic)
  • Thickness: thin or thicker condoms
  • Shape: with or without tip to catch the semen or ribbed
  • Size: large, small, wide
  • With or without lubricant

Latex condoms

  • Latex condoms are the most widely used. 
  • They are available in different sizes, thicknesses and colours.   
  • Latex condoms with a CE-code are suitable for vaginal and anal sex. 
  • There are special flavoured condoms on sale for oral sex. 
  • Latex and massage oil don’t go together. (link)

Polyurethane condoms

  • Polyurethane is a synthetic material. 
  • That’s why these condoms are suitable for people who are allergic to rubber. 
  • So if you, your client or your partner have a rubber allergy, these are the condoms to use.

 Where should you keep condoms?

  • Condoms should be kept somewhere where the pack can’t get damaged. 
  • Keep them so that they can’t come into contact with sharp objects such as a nail file. 
  • If the pack does get damaged, the condom is not safe to use.

Be careful: it is best to use your own condoms when you work.  You never know how the client kept them.