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How to use a lubricant?

  • There are lubricants that are specially made for sex. 
  • Most condoms already have some lubricant on them.  
  • Some stronger condoms are not lubricated but come with lubricant supplied separately.  
  • You can buy lubricant in packets, tubes and bottles.  
  • Be careful: you may only use water-based or silicon-based lubricant.
  • For vaginal sex you put some lubricant onto the condom after rolling the condom on the penis.  If your vagina is very dry, you can also put some lubricant in your vagina.
  • For anal sex, put a lot of lubricant on the condom and into your anus.
  • Use sufficient lubricant before the sexual contact and repeat it during the sexual contact.  
  • It is best to replace the condom if sex takes longer than 15 minutes.

Which are the best lubricants?

  • Always use a water-based lubricant for sex with a latex condom. It contains no grease or oil. Latex dissolves in grease and oil, causing the condom to burst.
  • In addition, there are also very good silicone-based lubricants, e.g. Eros and Silk. These lubricants feel greasy because silicone was added, but they don’t contain any oil.
  • These lubricants can also be used for an erotic massage.  They don’t damage the condom.

If you have used anything greasy or oily for a massage, make sure you wash yourself and your client well with soap and water before having sex.

NEVER USE A LUBRICANT THAT CONTAINS NONOXYNOL-9.  Nonoxynol-9 damages the tissue of the vagina or anus, making you more susceptible tot STIs.