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Your body

It is important to take good care of your body. Try to eat healthy, to exercise and to avoid bottling up your emotions and worries as much as possible. It all seems so obvious and yet most people do not do what is good for them.  Below you will find information on the following topics:

Did you know that
  • If you are in good physical condition, you feel better about yourself and you look prettier and healthier!


It's never too late to start.  Following these suggestions will help you improve your health bit by bit.


Use of Medication

When you are sick or an ailment is bothering you, you sometimes want to take medication quickly.

BEWARE! Taking wrong or bad medicines will not make you better and may be harmful to your health.



If you lead a busy and irregular life, it is convenient to have food delivered.  Maybe you tend to go for snacks, crisps and cola?  But if you put in a little effort and pay attention to what you eat, you will soon be feeling better.

Ten reasons for a healthy diet:

  1. Healthy weight: Healthy food and exercise, the ideal combination if you would like to maintain your ideal weight.
  2. Improved resistance against diseases: A healthy diet with plenty of vitamins and minerals supports your immune system.
  3. Better performance: Eating healthy means feeding your body.  Enough energy to allow you to perform well.
  4. Better stress control: Healthy food can help you deal with stress better. With proper nutrition you are less irritable.
  5. Good for your mood: Enjoying a healthy meal makes you feel good.
  6. Feel more like being active: People who eat healthy feel better.  As a result, you have more energy and feel more like exercising.
  7. Look young longer: a healthy diet is the best way to delay aging.
  8. Stay fit longer: Your muscles and bones stay in good condition longer if you eat healthy.
  9. Reduce the risk of illness: Healthy food protects you against cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer.
  10. A good example tends to be followed: Setting a good example is one of the best ways to teach your children to eat healthy.

The active food pyramid can be used as a tool to eat healthy and varied food.  It is of course not the intention that you select the same food from this pyramid every day.  If you vary these foods  you will be eating a balanced healthy diet. 

How interpret this pyramid?

The pyramid's lower sections are the biggest, this means you need a lot of this food.

The pyramid's top sections are smaller, so consumption of this food is best limited.  It is important, however, to combine as many elements of the pyramid as possible in every meal.

Eating healthy and irregular working hours

Here are some suggestions for eating healthy while working irregular hours:



Do you have to drink much alcohol at work? Drinking alcohol is rather the rule than the exception in a club / bar.

If you would like to know more about your alcohol consumption or if you think you have a drinking problem, click on the link provided.


Maybe you are using drugs and you need money for it, or maybe you are financing your partner's drug or alcohol use? This can put a lot of pressure on you at work, which may in turn affect your negotiations with the customers.  

Night work

Working in the erotic business often involves night work. The following suggestions may be of use.

Before working hours:

 During working hours:

Daytime sleep

You work nights? Then naturally it is important to sleep well during the day. Below you can find some tips:


Exercise can help you feel better and usually improves your night rest. If you are unable to go to the gym regularly, make sure that you have some small sports equipment at home like weights or an exercise bike. On your own, it often is hard to keep going. By working out with a girlfriend you can combine business with pleasure!

Aesthetic surgery

Perhaps you are thinking about having some aesthetic surgery done? Be careful and make sure not to jeopardise your own health. Prepare yourself properly for surgery and have it done under supervision of a medical specialist. These doctors have the right knowledge and experience and will provide the best results.  

Being properly prepared is crucial. Make sure you know what you want so you feel strong and confident. But how do you do this?

What does this operation involve and how does the doctor perform it?

What are the risks of this surgery?

Can I prepare myself for the day of surgery?

What kind of anaesthesia will I receive? (local or general anaesthesia?).

How will I feel after surgery?

What kinds of pains are normal? Will I have to take medication after surgery?

Breast Self- Examination

Examining your own breasts is not easy. What is normal and what is not normal? 

If you feel a lump, does it belong there or does it not?

Breast self-examination is a way to become familiar with your breasts, so you know how your breasts feel. If there is any change, you will notice it sooner.

Whenever you have any doubts, you can always consult your doctor.