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Working in prostitution

If you work in prostitution, you don’t want to get a sexually transmitted infection (STI). That is why it is important to know how to work safely! 
Always protect yourself! Also a client who looks healthy and clean can have an STI!

Below you can find a few tips on safe sex:

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Vaginal hygiene

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Safe sex

What is safe sex?


Broken condom

If you work in prostitution you use a condom and lubricant. 
But still things can go wrong. 

The leaflet



Why do you need lubricant?

The most common cause of a broken condom is friction.  The more difficult it goes, the greater the risk of having a broken condom.
 By using a lubricant, the friction is reduced.  The risk of a torn condom is considerably reduced.


Contraceptive pill

If you work as a sex worker, it is important to protect yourself against pregnancy.  It is wise to use a reliable contraceptive.  An unwanted pregnancy would mean making some difficult decisions.

In this chapter we explain:



It is possible that you suffer from discharge or fungal infections. 
Therefore some women rinse their vagina after each client with a soap solution.